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Corporate social responsibility for builders-Icon Homz

Building homes is equivalent to building a society and a good society thrives on better living standards and a transparent relationship with the governing authorities. From this point of view, it is necessary for the real estate industry to not only provide quality homes at affordable rates but also see to it that greater good to brought on to the larger community.

A builder’s responsibility does not end with constructing apartments and villas. There are many ways in which he can contribute towards a greener and healthier lifestyle for the common man.

Waste management: Once the handover of the apartment is done, the residents form an association of their own to carry out the future proceedings. However, the builder can pitch in to conducting a waste management workshop for the residents and future association and help the association make a smooth transition into an environment-friendly society.



Tie-up with NGOs: there are several NGOs that work towards the upliftment of the underprivileged in the society. Builders could tie-up with one of these that work towards the cause they support and organize regular donation drives or workshops in which the residents can whole-heartedly contribute.


Eco-friendly measures: Water conservation techniques, eco-friendly construction material, proper designing of the layout to ensure minimum dependency on external energy resources, these are some of the things that a builder can definitely offer its customers and contribute towards a more healthy and happy society.



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What is happening with the waste segregation drive? Do we call it a success or failure? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

The uproar over overflowing landfills and the subsequent mandate from the BBMP officials to segregate waste at source that left all the citizens of Bangalore in a tizzy, seems to have died down. The results have been mixed, with many apartment complexes implementing the rules. In many areas, the individuals have been taking it upon themselves to segregate waste at home and also spread awareness around their circle.

Still, we are far away from achieving a collective success as we see many empty land spaces being converted into garbage dump yards and many households ignoring the guidelines in part or even full.  It is indeed sad to see that educated citizens do not want to actively participate in keeping their environment clean and free from pollution.

Why has the segregation drive failed as a collective measure? In my experience of staying in an apartment complex, it is the lack of awareness and facilities provided that has garnered confusion and subsequent indifference among people. While the BBMP officials did dole out a few guidelines and rules, the actual implementation and logistics were left to be figured out by the citizens themselves.  There were huge gaps in imparting knowledge to the garbage pickers who retain the right to refuse waste that is either not or incorrectly segregated.

Irregular collection of wet waste, along with inadequate and inconvenient measures to dispose dry and e-waste within the complex made the entire process frustrating to even people who were eager to implement the process in the first place.

All in all, the drive is losing steam and needs a fresh impetus. Adequate equipment, bins and garbage vehicles need to be mobilized in and around the city and representatives need to supervise the proceedings. In addition to this, every household must drive the cause from their homes and extend the support to at least within the complexes. The drive cannot be made a success with just a handful of zealous workers. Every individual, whether it is the BBMP official or a resident of the city, must participate equally.

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