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Letting in nature perk up the indoors-Icon Homz

A lot of people have begun to realize the multiple positive effects of having greenery around their homes. One need not go all the way to become a full-fledged gardener to experience the benefits of having plants indoors. And, almost as a side-effect, plants also act as inexpensive and instant face-lifters of your space.

Here are some very do-able ideas to get the much needed green beauties within your home:

Start with fuss-free plants: Plants bring in the much needed fresh air and liveliness. Simple, fuss-free plants like the Victorian Fern and Bromeliad can add a lot of vibrancy with their white and pink foliage respectively.

Using recycled bottles as planters: A simple shoot of money plant placed in a recycled bottle can add that extra zing to your book-rack, or T.V. unit. Any space that needs a fresh look can be metamorphosed by placing cute planters strategically.

Using small areas to grow herbs: contrary to popular belief, one does not really require a huge terrace or even large balconies to grow our much needed daily herbs and veggies. A small space in the kitchen utility or even window sill can be effectively used to grow a variety of herbs.

Bring in fresh flowers: Growing ornamental flowering plants will ensure you of a regular supply of fresh smelling flowers to adorn your dining table or foyer.

So, go on and bring in that much needed freshness to your interiors.

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Terrace gardening or kitchen gardening for the urban – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Restricted spaces in apartments- a reality of urban environment-should not be a deterrent to growing plants. It is really a myth that one needs a large space to grow organic veggies and herbs as experts tell you that, all you need is a space as tiny as your window sill, or a space in the utility or a small balcony that receives some direct sunlight during the day, for you to go green.

Even the containers in which the plants grow need to be big or expensive ones. One can successfully grow them in discarded cans, buckets, tubs or even glass bottles. All you need is some time everyday to take care of the plants.

The variety of greens that can be grown in a small space is also not restricted to small shrubs or flowering ones. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, basil and veggies like tomatoes, brinjals, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cauliflower, spinach, etc can be easily grown in small pots.

Creating your own compost for the garden is another step towards creating healthy food and living. Again, this does not require a huge investment of time and money. If you are busy and do not like the idea of dipping your hands into a pile of waste, then is your solution. They work for a fee and ensure that your garden looks and feels great!

If you have the green thumb and the time to tend to your plants, creating a compost post in a small part of your garden will not seem such a task. All you need is to dump the kitchen waste into the post, mixing it with sand and soil proportionately and it will automatically turn into a rich fertilizer. Resist the temptation to bring in pesticides and chemicals into your garden.

Neem solutions are an effective pesticide that can be prepared at home itself. Even with a lot of care, plants do die due to pests and climatic variations. But that should not be a dampener in the spirits.

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