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How to be a good landlord-Icon Homz

Our blog on how to be a good tenant was well received and this has spurred us on to provide tips on how to be a good landlord. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango; it is only fair that the other side also lives up to the expectation. So, read on to find out how:


Hand over a clean house: No matter how well or badly your previous tenants had maintained your house, it is imperative that your next set of tenants receive a clean house to stay. See to it that minor and major repair works, if needed are carried out, the house is combed cleaned and appears fresh and inviting before the arrival of its new owners.

Furnish well: When renting out a house, the owner generally does not spend a lot on the interiors. While it may seem fair enough for the part of the landlord, it would be a good gesture to put self in the tenant’s shoes and have the necessary woodwork, provision for storage, and if possible some extra conveniences like good fixtures in place.

Do not make unexpected visits: While the house is technically the landlord’s and it seems like he has every right over the property, it is important to place enough trust on the tenant, respect his privacy and not make surprise visits to the house. Make sure the tenants know about the time and purpose of your visit in advance.

Be transparent: Any communication with the tenant needs to be charted out in full clarity without any room for speculations and manipulations. The lease agreement and the rules to maintain the house need to be clarified right at the beginning to avoid any possible embarrassment or inconvenience in future.

A little flexibility does not harm: Once a certain level of trust is established between the landlord and the tenant, it is humane to show some consideration towards the tenant. In case of a temporary lapse in payments, try not to think of the worst and give the benefit of doubt to the tenant.

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How to be a good tenant – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Just as finding good homes for rent can be tricky, so can finding good tenants for your home. A good landlord will always appreciate a good tenant and if the relationship is well-established the tenant might also get a concessional rental rate. It can be a win-win situation for both parties.  So, find out how to be a good tenant:

Adhere to the lease conditions: Read the lease agreement and conditions carefully and only if you are satisfied, you should sign. If there are any issues or concerns, the matter should be brought upfront to the prospective landlord and settled.

Respect the owner’s wishes: There are some owners who do not like extra nails to be hammered into the walls of the rental home, or who are against having pets in the house. If you have agreed to these while taking the house on rent, it is only fair to abide, even if these were not agreed upon in written.

Pay the rent on time: Unless there is an emergency situation, in case of which you intimate the owner about it, do not delay or jump the rental payment. It shows a sheer lack of responsibility and loses credibility with the owner if the tenant is irregular in payments or needs a reminder every once a while.

Maintain the house well: Only because the house does not belong to you, it is no reason to keep the place like a dump-yard. Treat the house like your own and have regular clean-ups and pest control check as needed. Try to minimize the wear and tear and have an aim to return the house in the same shape as you got it.

Abide by the society laws: If the rental home is in an apartment complex, ensure that you are a good neighbour and citizen of the society by abiding by the general rules and laws.

Keep the owner informed: Just as you as a tenant will find it rude if the landlord asks you to vacate without sufficient notice, it is only fair to keep your home owner informed about any impending moves you might make so that he can be prepared.

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What factors come into play before renting a home? – Icon Infra Shelters

Renting a home could be as tough, if not more, a decision as buying one. While, the general perception is that a rental home is only temporary and can be compromised with, the truth is far from it. A lot of factors need to be considered before renting a home.

Location: A conveniently located house that is neither too far from the children’s school nor entails too much commute to work becomes the ideal choice. Also, the essentials should be easily available. A daily existence that is compromised on this aspect can turn out to be a cumbersome and stressful affair.

Security: Security plays a very important role in these unpredictable times where women and children at a greater risk. Most families and even single working women prefer gated communities that have efficient measures and trust-worthy guards than independent houses or stand alone apartments that may not have tight security measures.


Amenities: Families with children need to consider aspects like the availability of open spaces for the children to play. Amenities like a gym, swimming pool and club house do come with a higher maintenance price, so it is advisable to consider if you really require very high-end amenities.

Neighbourhood: A pleasant neighbourhood with like-minded people around, local shops at an accessible distance, a considerate landlord may be other factors that you might like to consider before renting a place.

Condition of the house: Last but not the least; the condition of the house needs to be checked out thoroughly. Things like how well the house is ventilated, especially the kitchen, if the house has enough storage area or if minor changes can be incorporated, if the house needs major repairs, etc need to sorted out before zeroing on a house.

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