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Corporate social responsibility for builders-Icon Homz

Building homes is equivalent to building a society and a good society thrives on better living standards and a transparent relationship with the governing authorities. From this point of view, it is necessary for the real estate industry to not only provide quality homes at affordable rates but also see to it that greater good to brought on to the larger community.

A builder’s responsibility does not end with constructing apartments and villas. There are many ways in which he can contribute towards a greener and healthier lifestyle for the common man.

Waste management: Once the handover of the apartment is done, the residents form an association of their own to carry out the future proceedings. However, the builder can pitch in to conducting a waste management workshop for the residents and future association and help the association make a smooth transition into an environment-friendly society.



Tie-up with NGOs: there are several NGOs that work towards the upliftment of the underprivileged in the society. Builders could tie-up with one of these that work towards the cause they support and organize regular donation drives or workshops in which the residents can whole-heartedly contribute.


Eco-friendly measures: Water conservation techniques, eco-friendly construction material, proper designing of the layout to ensure minimum dependency on external energy resources, these are some of the things that a builder can definitely offer its customers and contribute towards a more healthy and happy society.



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Rainwater harvesting-why you need it and how it is done

Water crisis in Bangalore is not a new phenomenon and it seems to have taken gargantuan proportions in the last decade or so due to burgeoning population. Most high-rises posh apartments survive on the water brought in by a multitude of tanker lorries.

Rainwater harvesting, which seems like a new and fashionable term in the current scenario, is actually an ancient practice for the purpose of irrigation. It is the system of collecting rainwater from the surface that receives direct rainfall.

Adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques will benefit us in more ways than one. Amongst all, it will help to collect and use the natural source of water, increase ground water level, cultivate the habit of conservation of essential resources and pave way for a more green and healthy environment for the next generation.

This can be done primarily through two ways:

Artificial recharging of ground water: Random and rapid urbanization has resulted in reduced percolation of rain water. By using rainwater harvesting techniques, it is possible to increase this percolation of rainwater into the ground, thereby increasing ground water.

Roof-top rainwater harvesting: The roof acts as the catchment area in case of roof-top harvesting. This water is then stored using pipes and gutters. The first flush is a concept that flushes off the first rain water that is known to be impure.

Image: mid-day

Image: mid-day

Appropriate filters need to be in place to treat the collected rain water so that it is free from any impurity and is safe to use.

This interesting article is about a gentleman in Bangalore who has invented tools to simplify the whole process.

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