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Give the old a new look-Icon Homz

Tired of your old furniture, want a new look for your house and yet do not want to spend a fortune on new furniture? We’ll give you tips on how to warp the old in a new and vibrant look.

Restore the old: Your old wooden almirah might be a few decades old. With the surface peeling off at certain areas, it probably is quite an eye-sore. However, you do not yet want to sell it or give it away to the scrap dealer since it is very sturdy and holds a lot of stuff than the new-age cupboards might.

You can scrape off the existing wooden polish, apply a coat of primer and then give it a fresh coat of paint of your choice. If you are artistic, you can even add some hand-painted motifs; else can rope in a local carpenter to add some hand-painted tiles to give your furniture a new and classic look.

If you like some DIY experiments, you can do this at home, else there are a few stores that would happily transform your furniture for a fee.

You can learn more about the DIY tutorials on restoring furniture here and here

Transform the old: Before discarding any old piece of furniture or home décor artifacts, try to think out of the box and see if the old can be broken down to make something entirely new. For example, an old book rack can be broken down to make floating shelves or a baby cradle into a coffee table or swing for adults. Similarly old wine bottles can be painted or weaved in colourful threads to transform them into vases or artifacts.

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Keeping your wood furniture clean and healthy-Icon Homz

Taking care of your wooden furniture need not be a cause for stress or worry if you follow the rules. Here are a few simple tips that can help your furniture maintain the lovely sheen and look typically associated with wood:

Keep away the liquids: Any form of liquid, be it water or alcohol should not be allowed to linger too long on the surface. Wipe away spillage immediately which otherwise would seep into the pores and stain the wood.

Dust regularly: Do not let dust accumulate over varnished surfaces as they tend to get grimy. Dust with a lint-free cloth regularly. To get rid of stubborn stains, clean with a mild soap and water and immediately wipe off with a dry cloth.

Protect with wax-polish: An effective way to ensure that the shine remains for a longer time is to apply a thin coat of soft-wax polish after the furniture has been cleaned well. Make sure to wipe off the excess the polish off the surface till you just see the lovely sheen on it.

Keep away from the sun: The harsh outdoor sunlight can damage the wood over a period of time, causing to fade, crack and dry out the fine surface. So make sure that your keep your wooden beauties indoors unless of course they are designed to be outdoor ones.

Some quick tips to revive wood: And, finally, here are some quick-fixes that will save you some heartache and money:

  • A mixture of equal parts olive oil, denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, and strained lemon juice applied first and then brushed off with a soft cloth is known to revive wood of the grime accumulated.
  • For a quick-fix touch up, shoe-polish of the same colour as the wood polish can be used to camouflage the scratches.

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Home care tips for the monsoon – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. ltd

While nature unleashes her fury in some parts of our country, one cannot help wonder at how unprepared we are for unforeseen circumstances. While, a calamity of such high intensity is difficult to counter, we can take simple steps to ensure that our home and surroundings remain safe and fresh during the wet, rainy days.

Furniture tips: If you have wooden furniture, the best way to keep them away from dampness is to clean them with a soft, dry cloth. If they require a fresh coat of polish, it is better to do so before the rains begin, to ensure that they dry out properly. Similarly for wrought iron furniture, it is advisable to paint a coat of anti-rust first and then paint them before the season.

Floor tips: Keep the floor, especially ones with wooden flooring, always dry and clean. Place mats near the foyer area, so that wet and muddy feet can be dried on them first without soiling the rest of the house. If you have carpets and rugs in the house, it is better to roll them away for the season. Else, they need to be vacuumed, air dried/sun-dried on a daily basis, so that the dampness does not seep in.

Cupboards and clothes: Place camphor or napthelene balls in your wooden cupboards to ensure freedom from moisture. A few neem leaves will also help to keep fungus at bay. Always make sure that the clothes are fully dry before placing them inside the cupboard.

Plumbing and electrical tips: Check for any seepage or leakage in the house and get it rectified at the earliest. Electrical sockets must be checked for any loose wiring and any possible changes must be done with the help of an efficient electrician.

Garden tips: The balcony area tends to get more damp and dirty during the rains. Ensure that the pots are wiped off excess water on the sides and below the pots. Garden furniture, if made of wood, should be moved inside. Indoor plants may be moved outdoors so that they get naturally watered.

Hope these tips help you and you are free from monsoon-related worries. So, sit back enjoy the rains with a hot cuppa and a book.

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