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To Be in a suburb or Not To Be – that is the question! – Icon Homz

There have been several debates on whether one should buy a house or rent it.  Similarly, people have been measuring the pros and cons of buying an apartment versus buying a villa.  The next major Hamlet-like question that one is faced with today is – to live in a suburb or in the city center? Let us weigh the pros and cons.

Surburb home1

If you need a quiet, ‘green’ and relaxed atmosphere, head to the suburbs.  You can be part of nature and live amidst greenery.  At the same time, you will still be connected to the city’s happening places.  A 20-minute drive (or even less) will take you to the nearest mall, or to a health facility.  And more importantly, if you have an office around the Outer Ring Road, you will be a short drive from your work place.    You will not have to wade through the city’s bumper-to-bumper, crawling traffic to reach your office.  Also, many reputed schools and internationals schools have built sprawling campuses around the suburbs.  Hence, your children too will have a shorter commute to their schools and back home.

Affordability is another major factor to be considered.  Vast, free spaces within the heart of the city are very few.  Even if you were able to locate one such piece of land, you will have to pay through the roof!  And despite the huge premium, you will still be faced with high levels of air and noise pollution.

So, buying a house in the suburbs will definitely be like a breath of fresh air.  You can have spacious homes, possibly with a lawn and a kitchen garden.  The pet that you so wanted to have but could not due to lack of space, could now be a welcome addition to your family!     Go ahead, and think SUBURB!

icon sanctuary

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What matters in an apartment complex? – Icon Infra Shelters PVT.Ltd

Gated complexes come with scores of amenities, depending upon the builder, location and target audience. The amenities could vary from a basic children’s park to swanky roof top swimming pools with Jacuzzi spa, etc. We spoke to a few residents who stay in gated communities to find out which ones they care about and what exactly they require from their builders.

“A good amount of open and green space with trees and shrubs and a clean park area for children to play is extremely important for parents with toddlers”, says Rekha Sharma, an IT professional and a mother to an energetic toddler.

Children playing

For working couples or older members, a Jaccuzi spa may not make so much sense as would a well-equipped functioning grocery store within the complex. Similarly, many parents felt that a day care facility within the complex would be a welcome feature that builders could provide.

“Although I work from home, there are times when I need to visit the client site and I need to leave my little kid at a trusted place. I would have really liked to have a day-care facility within the complex as it would be a trusted source and I can personally check the quality levels”, says Ananya Mishra.

Deepak Raheja, an architect himself feels that the layout and master plan of the complex also plays an important role, along with the amenities. For example he feels that the parking lots need to be on the basement and away from the play area in such a way that there are no vehicular movements in the area that is thronged by senior residents who take a stroll or little children who can run about in a carefree manner.

While a handful felt that unique and up class amenities added to the value of the project, it was evident that functional and practical features clearly took precedence over swanky and over-the-top ones.

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Neighbourhood community watch – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

In these times of increased violence, security to life and property assumes a greater proportion. With more and more families becoming a nuclear unit and youngsters living away from their families, there is a stronger need for the neighbourhood to come together to act as a security cover in addition to the formal security provided by the residential unit.

The security system in any residential complex can work only if there is co-operation from all the members and even then, there is only so much that they can do. It is up to us, the residents, to form a close-knit environment and help fellow members in case of any untoward happenings.

A fast paced life does not probably allow for a leisurely chat with the neighbours, yet it does not hurt to know your immediate neighbours beyond knowing their names.  This will enable you to detect any unusual event. This is commonly known as neighbourhood watch, where the neighbours keep a watch over their immediate surroundings. It is also a good practice to inform your friends and neighbours if you going away on a long vacation.

It is also important to follow all the rules and guidelines laid down by the common authority in charge of the maintenance and security, to ensure effectiveness of the system in place. When employing maids or drivers, it is mandatory to note down their names and contact details and also submit the information to the security personnel in the apartment complex. Similarly, in case of their termination, it is important to notify the authorities about their termination and also the reason for the same.

When in company or alone, it helps to be alert, aware and conscious of the surroundings. Keeping a look out for strange and dubious faces will go a long way in assuring yours as well as the community’s security.

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Benefits of living in a gated community – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Many people prefer gated communities to building a lone house on a plot. This is because of the many benefits of living in a gated community.

Less traffic: There is restricted traffic within a gated complex and one can have a calm and peaceful existence without the humdrum of constant traffic and blasting horns at one’s doorstep.

Security: All gated communities have security guards posted at the entrance with a track record of persons entering the premises. The swankier the complex, the better the security features with CCTV, Video phone and the likes installed for more safety from intruders and miscreants. This makes living in such places safer for children and senior citizens too.       

Icon Honey Pool near Electronic city

Icon Honey Pool near Electronic city

Children’s play area: With the green and open spaces disappearing with growing civilization, it is always a concern for parents whose children have no safe and clean playgrounds near-by to play. Most gated communities take care of this problem by having a dedicated area for toddlers and children to unleash their energies. Some societies even have a child-friendly designated play areas that are free from the residential vehicular movement.

Other amenities: Depending upon the builder, people staying in gated communities are privy to other facilities like a clean swimming pool at disposal, a club house to organize and attend parties, a gym, in-house provision stores, library and sometimes even a school.

Well-knit social network: With more and more immigrant population in the cities, it is not unusual for families to be away from one’s family and home-town. These gated communities become house to people from various backgrounds, age and culture facilitating a cosmopolitan atmosphere and enabling a home away from home to be created.

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