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Letting in nature perk up the indoors-Icon Homz

A lot of people have begun to realize the multiple positive effects of having greenery around their homes. One need not go all the way to become a full-fledged gardener to experience the benefits of having plants indoors. And, almost as a side-effect, plants also act as inexpensive and instant face-lifters of your space.

Here are some very do-able ideas to get the much needed green beauties within your home:

Start with fuss-free plants: Plants bring in the much needed fresh air and liveliness. Simple, fuss-free plants like the Victorian Fern and Bromeliad can add a lot of vibrancy with their white and pink foliage respectively.

Using recycled bottles as planters: A simple shoot of money plant placed in a recycled bottle can add that extra zing to your book-rack, or T.V. unit. Any space that needs a fresh look can be metamorphosed by placing cute planters strategically.

Using small areas to grow herbs: contrary to popular belief, one does not really require a huge terrace or even large balconies to grow our much needed daily herbs and veggies. A small space in the kitchen utility or even window sill can be effectively used to grow a variety of herbs.

Bring in fresh flowers: Growing ornamental flowering plants will ensure you of a regular supply of fresh smelling flowers to adorn your dining table or foyer.

So, go on and bring in that much needed freshness to your interiors.

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Tips to grow organic herbs in your garden

Keeping your family’s health and nutritional intake in mind, going organic is the way to go. Buying organic stuff can be expensive, but if you invest in growing your own herb garden, it can reap rich dividends (and herbs!).

One can easily grow organic herbs in one’s own modest balcony if you take care of the following:

Identify what herbs can be grown in your area and space: herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint, coriander, oregano, etc thrive well in even in smaller areas and pots.

Soil quality: The quality of the soil has to be of a healthy quality. Chemicals in the soil can harm the healthy process of plant growth. You can get the soil checked with a professional service.

Soil quality

Composting: It is nothing but recycling dead leaves and kitchen waste. Healthy bacteria and worms that make the soil richer in nutrients thrive with composting. This can be done at home itself.


Proper watering: Over watering can kill the plants more than under-watering. It is best to water the plants in the mornings to avoid loss due to evaporation. Deep watering as opposed to frequent watering needs to be kept in mind.

Proper watering

Pesticides: plants can fall prey to pests and it is natural to attract pests once you have a garden. However, the use of harmful chemical pesticides needs to be avoided at all costs. Seek an expert to know what kind of problem you are facing and take the herbal route.

Proper sunlight and drainage: Alternate the positions of the planters every once a while to make sure that your plants get uniform sunlight. Also, make sure they are not over exposed or under-exposed to direct sunlight. The pots need to have a good drainage system to avoid water retention in the soil.

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