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How to evaluate the right floor plan? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

A well-planned floor plan is one of the crucial and important aspects to consider while purchasing a house, after considering the budget, of course. While, one can make cosmetic changes to the flat depending upon the finances, it is vital to choose a house that does not have too many design loopholes to plug.

Floor Plan

Things that need to be considered while evaluating the floor plan are:

Division of space: First of all, you must identify personal needs and then see that the floor plan matches it. For example, if you are a social butterfly and host parties very often, you may want a larger living and dining area as compared to the rest of the house area.

The foyer area: Some people are particular about having a defined foyer area. Think about where you want to place the shoe-rack and other items that you may want in the foyer. If there is no defined foyer, think about how you may want to create a functional one and see if you’d be satisfied with the design. If the foyer area is defined, check to see if the space is suited to meet all your requirements.

The layout of the bedrooms and placement of the toilets: A bedroom placed just next to the main door can be convenient as a guest room but may not look good aesthetically. You would have to consider what works for you. Similarly for the toilets; you might need to evaluate it in two-ways: one to see if it suits the inmates of the house and secondly the arrangement needs to work when there are guests staying over.

The ventilation: flow of natural light to all rooms is essential and it is important to check this point while choosing a house. Check the direction that the house would face and also visit the site at different times of the day to evaluate the amount of daylight/sunlight that would penetrate. Keep in mind the possibilities of eventual obstruction by other buildings/construction.

Kitchen layout and availability of a separate utility:  An open kitchen gives an impression of a larger space but is a compromise on privacy. Similarly a separate area as a utility is very useful to keep the dirty dishes and laundry out of sight.

What factors are most important and what can be modified as per your taste is something one must always bear in mind while looking at prospective homes. We, at Icon, specialize in designing functional and well-laid out houses that may not need any modifications. Do check out our website for more details and like our FB page to get regular updates about our projects.