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Famous Architects and Structures – II

Going back into Indian mythology and the Mahabharata, Maya was a famous Asura architect who built the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas at Indraprastha. Other than the brilliance and beauty of the structure, we also hear a lot of interesting details about this palace in the epic, such as:

– Reflective floors that looked so much like pools of water that people avoid stepping on them.

– On the other hand, there was a pool of water that looked so well decorated and like a floor that Duryodhana stepped into it and got wet. This is a pivotal scene where Draupadi laughs at him and kindles his anger.

Back to contemporary times, let’s look at a famous architect from France. Le Corbusier was one of the big influences for modern architecture, and has designed and built structures all over the world.  He is also well known as one of the creators of the planned Indian city of Chandigarh. Along with the urban planning of the city, many structures in the city such as the High Court, Secretariat, and a University building were built by him.

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Famous Architects and Structures – I

Architecture may not immediately come to mind as one of the art forms, but it definitely should be considered as one. It gives rise to long lasting masterpieces, and the fame of a structure keeps the memory of the architect alive long after their lives. Such architects and structures are an inspiration to us in the modern age, and this is the start of a series to highlight them.

Let us start with a famous architect from history. Though better known as a sculptor, Michelangelo had a lasting effect on the course of architecture as well. He introduced baroque elements to the then existing classical style to achieve his unique creations. Though not the only architect, he was one of the influences on the Sistine Chapel, and the mind behind the Laurentian Library and the Medici Chapel.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous American architect, who believed in organic architecture. He had great respect for nature, and he built his structures in harmony with the surroundings as well as with humanity. He was a far thinking person, who had a lot of ideas about urban planning for the future. He was also an interior designer and gave all his structures many unique elements in their interior décor as well. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of his most famous public structures:

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