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Let’s vote for a greener and better Diwali-Icon Homz

The mantra of ‘go green’ is catching on and nowadays we have a lot of youngsters practicing it too. Generally, Diwali is associated more with bursting of crackers than with colours and light. However, the scene has been changing slowly but surely in the last couple of years. Take for example this article, we see many people actually implementing the rule of no-crackers and minimum-indulgence.

Given the amount of pollution already around, it does make a lot of sense to not aggravate the situation in the name of celebration. Diwali is also about bonding with the family, lighting lamps and making delicacies at home. These are definitely more valued attributes of this widely celebrated festival.

Increasing inflation and poor governance has ensured that the divide between the haves and the have-nots has increased manifold in the last few decades. Festivals are a means to bridge all sorts of gaps between people and if the haves can bring down their expenditure and try to contribute in some way for the have-nots, we can bring in a lot of goodness into the society.

While spending for the festivities, let us also try to buy more of eco-friendly products. Instead of buying synthetic diyas, if we can buy earthen ones and paint them at home, it will not only add more colour but also bring in a personal and warm touch to the celebrations. Reducing the number of goods that come into your house is also a way of ensuring that we don’t unnecessarily add to the clutter. Donating old clothes and toys to the needy is definitely a noble way of celebrating any festival.

So, do you also plan to go green this year? Do share the ways in which you intend to celebrate a greener and better Diwali.

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