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Creating an illusionary entry way-Icon Homz

Foyer areas are those that separate the entrance to a home from the living space. A designated foyer space keeps off the dust/grime from the footwear from entering the living room, allows privacy and can be used to store the essentials needed just before you leave the home. What’s more, it can also be tastefully decorated to have a pleasant entryway for your guests!

However, for those of you whose main doors open directly into the living area of the home, there is no reason to feel disappointed. With a little imagination, you can create an illusionary entryway!

Creating partial partition: A decorative shoe-rack cabinet can aid as a partial partition between the entrance and the living area. Alternatively you could try using other materials such as glass, MDF or even bamboo screens to make a foyer.

4-Foyer-Tankq77 room-divider-designrulz-17


Using furniture to divide the area: Your sofa or arm chair can be placed at an angle that creates a barrier-like partition. If the space permits you can even place a short cabinet or console touching the back of the sofa to define the area.

Creating a half-wall: A wall just half-way done can serve as a great divider without having to compromise on the light aspect.

Using elements: When none works, use elements like area rugs, potted plants, or a small ottoman that are strategically placed to create an illusion of an entryway.

We hope you find these tips useful and are inspired to create your own wonderful entryway.

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Where to eat around Sarjapur-Icon Homz

After a tiring week at work, weekends are time to rejoice and explore the city. What best way to explore than to try out different cuisines and restaurants? One also doesn’t mind travelling a bit if it ensures a hearty meal.

We bring to you a few options that you can try out around Sarjapur area:

Folklore Restaurant

Phone: +91 8123451143, 080 28439143

Address: 121/1, Golden Country, Behind Andhra Bank, Near Wipro, Doddakanehalli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

If you are looking to indulge in some lip-smacking Kerala cuisine, this quaint restaurant should not disappoint you. The rustic and simple décor is complimented by an authentic and delicious Kerala spread.

Cost: Approx Rs. 450 for two people

folklore restaurant


La Casa

Ph: 080 64535930

Address: Amruta Engineering College Road, Kasavanahalli, Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

A one stop place for a large spread of cuisines, this could be a food lover’s paradise. You can pore over the menu that has Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Thai varieties along with our good old Indian food.

Cost: Rs. 1000 approx for two

la casa



Ph: 080 43692710

Address: Above Snap Fitness, Next to Shobha Hibiscus, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bangalore

As the name suggests, the food portion here really fills up a ‘Bakasur’ (an asura from mythology who had a voracious appetite). This restaurant serves North Indian cuisine and has a wide variety of dishes to tickle your senses.

They have a buffet spread too which is just apt for team lunches.

Cost: Rs.1200 approx for two

bakasur bellandur

We hope you have a great time exploring these places the next weekend. Bon Appétit!

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To Be in a suburb or Not To Be – that is the question! – Icon Homz

There have been several debates on whether one should buy a house or rent it.  Similarly, people have been measuring the pros and cons of buying an apartment versus buying a villa.  The next major Hamlet-like question that one is faced with today is – to live in a suburb or in the city center? Let us weigh the pros and cons.

Surburb home1

If you need a quiet, ‘green’ and relaxed atmosphere, head to the suburbs.  You can be part of nature and live amidst greenery.  At the same time, you will still be connected to the city’s happening places.  A 20-minute drive (or even less) will take you to the nearest mall, or to a health facility.  And more importantly, if you have an office around the Outer Ring Road, you will be a short drive from your work place.    You will not have to wade through the city’s bumper-to-bumper, crawling traffic to reach your office.  Also, many reputed schools and internationals schools have built sprawling campuses around the suburbs.  Hence, your children too will have a shorter commute to their schools and back home.

Affordability is another major factor to be considered.  Vast, free spaces within the heart of the city are very few.  Even if you were able to locate one such piece of land, you will have to pay through the roof!  And despite the huge premium, you will still be faced with high levels of air and noise pollution.

So, buying a house in the suburbs will definitely be like a breath of fresh air.  You can have spacious homes, possibly with a lawn and a kitchen garden.  The pet that you so wanted to have but could not due to lack of space, could now be a welcome addition to your family!     Go ahead, and think SUBURB!

icon sanctuary

At Icon Homz, we offer premium villas – the ICON Sanctuary – in Bangalore’s suburban area of Sarjapura.  Visit our website and book your sanctuary today!

Be aware and conscious of the surroundings-Icon Homz

The recent attack on a woman at the ATM is shocking and makes us wonder if we are really safe in this city/country. While a lot of debate can happen over the political state of affairs and the general management of law and order by the police, State and Centre, it seems worthwhile to take our safety in our hands and make an effort to remain safe. Here are a few tips that we could think of that might help you avoid getting into an unsafe environment or detect anything amiss:

Avoid venturing into lonely areas: Desolate areas are generally crime havens. It is best to avoid these stretches when alone.

Carry a pepper spray or umbrella: Always carry a pepper spray or an umbrella or even a deodorant with you. In case of an attack of any kind, use them to defend yourself. The assailant will be caught unawares for a few moments and you can plan your escape in the meantime.

Be aware of your surroundings: Be vigilant when outdoors. Keep an eye for anything that seems out of the usual. It could be a new vehicle parked outside your complex gate or some suspicious looking people lurking around, etc. Report anything unusual to your apartment security or bring it to the notice of a responsible person or authority.

Carry a mobile and important numbers with you always: Memorize important numbers and do not depend on the mobile for them. Dial your friend/spouse/parent’s number while travelling in an unknown vehicle and keep talking if you find the driver suspicious. Also keep your family informed about your whereabouts all the time.

Learn art of self-defense: No matter what your age is, it is always better to be equipped with some basic knowledge of self-defense tactics.

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Why buy a second home for investment-planning your investments better-Icon Homz

Real estate in India has been growing steadily in the last decade and investing in real estate seems like the best bet in these times of a volatile finance market. More people are now considering buying a second home as an investment option as opposed to stocks.

While a loan for the second home, unlike the first, does not attract a tax exemption, the interest on loan for the second home is exempt from taxation and there is no upper limit to the amount of interest that is exempt.

The rent earned from the second home attracts tax deduction, even on notional terms when vacant. However, taxes like municipality tax, wealth tax can be deducted from the notional rent. Likewise, any losses towards repair and maintenance can be deducted from the income earned or deemed earned from the rent.

In case of group buying of a property, each individual is exempt from the interest on loan, if availed.


With the decline in the rate of returns in the conservative medium of stocks and mutual funds, there is a definite uptrend in real estate investment. Appreciation of property prices is showing a positive trend and it seems more prudent to invest in residential or commercial properties.

Icon Homz is a young entrepreneurship; our energetic and creative team creates beautiful homes in an affordable range. Visit our website to know about our projects and be a part of our FB page to get our latest updates.

Bangalore-from the eyes of an immigrant and a native

One city, diverse views is how one can define Bangalore or Namma Bengaluru as it is fondly called. The garden city that was once known as a pensioner’s paradise is now a teeming IT hub bursting at its seams with the burgeoning population.  We thus have two contrasting views about this city.

Views of an immigrant

There are two main factors that draws someone from a different city to Bengaluru are the salubrious climate and the employment opportunities. However much a native resident might complain about the changing nature of the climate in the city, for an outsider or a recent immigrant, the weather here is still far more pleasant than in most metro cities.

When Bengaluru opened up to the IT sector a few years ago, no one imagined the kind of heights that the city would reach in terms of being the prime location for most IT companies. Growing work opportunities, along with favourable climatic conditions, have lead to growing immigrant population each year, which have also given the city a cosmopolitan makeover-making it a preferred living city.

Views of a native dweller

The native resident has seen the city metamorphose in many ways into its current form. And, most of change is not taken to very kindly. While the growing population has meant growth in infrastructure, it has resulted in unprecedented construction activity, depleting green cover, growing pollution and uncontrollable vehicular traffic movements.

The very features that are attracting people to Bengaluru are fast losing its charm, with the average temperatures going up by notches each year.  The immigrant culture is also viewed by some as a threat to what used to be the core culture and being of the city.

Concluding note

No one has or can escape the ways of globalization. However it is our collective duty, as individuals or as corporate or as facilitators, to see that the growth is accompanied by more responsibility and awareness towards the environment and people. Growth has to be all-inclusive, since we cannot survive as an individual entity.

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The missing green cover – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Old timers of Bangalore will nod away in agreement to this article.  Bangalore, the erstwhile garden city, is rapidly turning into any other concrete metro city. A pensioner’s paradise turned to a hot IT property some years ago and the result is there for us to see. The city that used to be dotted with thick canopies of green, is trying hard to accommodate the burgeoning population and every patch of open land is being gobbled up to build tall residential towers.

Six months ago the area where we lived used to have a lot of barren land and green patches. Now, we can only see row houses and residential complexes as far as our eyes can take us. Construction sites are cropping up left, right and centre. It makes one wonder if there are any ground rules that are to be followed before a land is taken up for construction purposes.

There are upsides and downsides to any kind of development. While development is necessary for the growth of the economy, rapid development that takes place due to demand without giving any thought to the environment is bound to have more downside to it in the long run. To anyone who has some knowledge of science and geography it is not difficult to understand how much of a danger we are driving ourselves into by mercilessly cutting away so many trees. There is no breathing space in the real sense when we have just one after another massive pieces of concrete structures aligning themselves thickly. Not to mention the ever dusty surroundings and the resultant health hazards.

A more responsible approach is the need of the hour. For every tree felled, a new sapling needs to be planted. There needs to be green areas demarcated that strictly prohibits any kind of construction. Any land taken up for construction needs to adhere to specific guidelines that ensures that the builder, whether a private one or commercial one, does not encroach upon every inch of an open land.

As residents too, we can do our bit by maintaining well nurtured gardens in our private terraces, balconies and also help in creating green patches around the complexes of where we reside.

We, at Icon, ensure that the nature is an integral part of our construction. Our properties have vast expanses of green spaces where one can breathe in fresh air and have a healthier living. Do visit our website to know more about our projects.