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A community for our senior citizens – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Families are getting nuclear and with the work environment going global, the erstwhile concept of younger members being physically present to take care of parents and grandparents is fast becoming impractical. But, with the crime rates going high and the city infrastructure highly unfriendly for the old and disabled, security remains a prime concern for our senior citizens. Apart from security, what our senior members yearn for most is the company of like-minded friends who can understand and share their thoughts.

Old age homes have this negative connotation around them. It somehow feels that it is the last resort for abandoned parents and old people; for people who have no one to care about in their sunset years. However, if we look at this concept objectively, it is actually a welcome option for many working couples in cities. It is not always that one needs to resort to these homes, as they are called, because the near and dear ones fell out of love. With both the spouses working to meet ends, stressful lifestyle, space and time crunch, one finds it difficult to accommodate an ailing parent or relative in the midst.  Also, many times, the caregiver is himself ailing/growing old and is in need of care.  The older generation feels equally misplaced in an arrangement where instead of leading peaceful lives, they are mostly relegated to being caretakers of little grandchildren.

A few years ago, I came across a few senior citizens’ homes that seemed like a perfect answer to modern day woes. These residential communities lining the outskirts of many cities come with a fully-equipped medical unit, 24 hr on-call doctor, well-furnished homes, lush green spaces and excellent security systems in place.

I personally know of many couples who have happily moved to these places out of their own free will and wish and they seem to have a rocking life, bonding with other members of their age, community get-togethers, outdoor picnics, pilgrimage tours and other fun-filled activities.

Probably, it is time to look at these communities that are specifically developed to accommodate senior citizens with a fresh and positive perspective.

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