Housing for senior citizens-a huge opportunity for realtors-Icon Homz

Ask any retired person around the wish list for a post-retirement lifestyle and mostly likely he’d mention a quiet and secure neighbourhood, clean parks to take a stroll or relax, and company of similar age-group people amongst many others.

And, what about the lady who’s nearing the sunset years? Wouldn’t she also want to put up her feet and bid goodbye to several year- long slavery to the kitchen routine? That is in addition to all the above mentioned wish list, of course!

So, does that mean, all couples wish to move out of their current homes once they reach 60? Certainly not, however, there is a huge opportunity to create an atmosphere that contains all the elements of their wish list, so that, if and when the situation demands they are presented with beautiful options of owning a home that also doubles up as a serviced apartment for an affordable rate.

The stigma associated with retirement homes should be wiped off to look at it with a renewed and practical perspective. Careers these days take the children to other cities or countries and it is not always possible to stay with or close to the offspring. The older generation does not also want to completely uproot from the current setting as that has been their home/city/country for several decades now.

Realtors can lap up this opportunity to build senior citizen homes within cities itself so that there is no feeling of isolation or having to adjust to a new environment, city or climatic conditions. The homes need to come with large lung space, well-spaced out, ample provision for entertainment and self-contained for daily needs. Services like daily tiffin service or a canteen could be made available as a temporary or even permanent option. 24-hr medical aid must be provided.

The challenges are the affordability and able manpower for the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities needed. However, these can be overcome with little effort as the scale of scope definitely outweighs the barriers.

Icon Homz is a young entrepreneurship; our energetic and creative team creates beautiful homes in an affordable range. Visit our website www.iconhomz.com to know about our projects and be a part of our FB page https://www.facebook.com/iconhomz to get our latest updates.


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