Creating an illusionary entry way-Icon Homz

Foyer areas are those that separate the entrance to a home from the living space. A designated foyer space keeps off the dust/grime from the footwear from entering the living room, allows privacy and can be used to store the essentials needed just before you leave the home. What’s more, it can also be tastefully decorated to have a pleasant entryway for your guests!

However, for those of you whose main doors open directly into the living area of the home, there is no reason to feel disappointed. With a little imagination, you can create an illusionary entryway!

Creating partial partition: A decorative shoe-rack cabinet can aid as a partial partition between the entrance and the living area. Alternatively you could try using other materials such as glass, MDF or even bamboo screens to make a foyer.

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Using furniture to divide the area: Your sofa or arm chair can be placed at an angle that creates a barrier-like partition. If the space permits you can even place a short cabinet or console touching the back of the sofa to define the area.

Creating a half-wall: A wall just half-way done can serve as a great divider without having to compromise on the light aspect.

Using elements: When none works, use elements like area rugs, potted plants, or a small ottoman that are strategically placed to create an illusion of an entryway.

We hope you find these tips useful and are inspired to create your own wonderful entryway.

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