The wooden choice-Icon Homz

When it comes to flooring, we are floored with the choices available in the market. From granite to tiles to wood; we have a plethora to choose from each of these options too. However, nothing matches the timeless classic appeal of wood. Be it a contemporary décor or a traditional one, wood suits every taste.

A lot of us back out from using wooden flooring considering the cost factor. Yet, when you evaluate the pros that come with wooden flooring, the cost doesn’t seem so high. These are fairly easy to maintain, so can be an ideal option for even high traffic areas in the house.




One can go in for solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring depending upon individual taste and of course the budget. The primary difference between the two apart from the cost factor-engineered wood is less expensive than solid wood ones- is that engineered wood is basically layers of wood pressed together to form a plank which can be then installed even over existing tiles.

Since wood has the characteristic to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, care must be taken during installation to account for these.

One can go in for any kind of finish making wooden flooring a truly flexible option. They can also be sanded and re-furnished to restore its shine and glory.

So, the next time you think of floors, just make the wooden choice!

Icon Homz is a young entrepreneurship; our energetic and creative team creates beautiful homes in an affordable range. Visit our website to know about our projects and be a part of our FB page to get our latest updates.



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