Paint the right way-Icon Homz

Looking to paint your home and not sure how to begin? Read on for some simple and easy steps that will ensure you land up with a beautiful home and satisfied soul.

Level the imperfections away: Paints do not automatically cover up all the blemishes or unevenness of your wall. In fact they do tend to highlight these, if any. So, make sure you do your groundwork and level off your walls with a putty and primer before you begin the actual painting.

Invest on sample colour cans: Colours do have a way of seeming different on the shade card when compared to the wall. This could be because of the way the room is lit and also with the number of coats. Hence, make it a point to invest in sample cans to try out a shade in the room before deciding.

Equipment matters: If you are going the DIY way, keep in mind that equipment is of prime importance. It is advised to use brush-strokes in the corner areas first and then roll off the rest of the wall to have a uniform appearance.

Amount required: The area of your room along with the number of coats of paint that you want will decide the amount of paint required. Although the local hardware shop can guide you on the exact amount, it is better if make your purchases in batches.

paint calculator

Paint-finish: Decide before hand what kind of finish you’d like to have. The kind of usage also plays a deciding factor. For example you might want to go for a glossy finish in a kid’s room because they are more durable and also easy to clean and have a matted look for your outdoors.

So, now that you’re equipped with valuable tips, we wish you a happy and colourful journey towards a beautiful home.

Icon Homz is a young entrepreneurship; our energetic and creative team creates beautiful homes in an affordable range. Visit our website to know about our projects and be a part of our FB page to get our latest updates.





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