Dealing with a small living room-Icon Homz

While a large house might figure in most home-seekers’ list, getting your dream dimensions to fit in to the budget and other criteria may not be possible for all. So, if you’ve landed yourself a smallish living area and you are worried about how you’d entertain guests, help is here.

Small spaces, if furnished correctly, need not be a deterrent to host large gatherings. The trick is to use the correct size, colour and placement of furniture and other elements.

Keep the furniture lines clean and easy on the eye: Ornate designs, tall back-rests, a big-frame, all of these spell disaster in smallish areas because they make the space looked cramped up. Instead, go for lighter looking furniture, with lower arm-rests, and delicate design.


Use of lighter colours: off-white or white gives a feeling of expanse and can make the room appear larger. Use a combination of light and accent colours for the walls and the upholstery.

Choose right kind of furniture: Your sofa set should not overwhelm the space in any way. Sectionals work wonders for small spaces. Sofa-beds, ottomans that can double up as coffee tables, stools that can be tucked away under the centre table, all are ideas to utilize the space in accordance with the number of guests.


Arrangement matters: Having an easy moving traffic is very important when space is sparse. Place furniture in such a way that it does not obstruct the movement.

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