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Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui in your home-Icon Homz

While Feng Shui originated in China, the basic principles on which it is based on is not an alien concept to us. It is basically the art of balancing the energies and promoting positive vibes in your surroundings. Since your home is your basic and natural habitat, it is important to have the basic elements in the right order to ensure a harmonious and prosperous living.

By using Feng Shui techniques like colour, light, texture and smell, we can design our décor that will bring about a balance in the yin and yang energies.


Colour: Ever wondered why a certain room makes you happy or sad? colours represent mood and can invoke strong feelings in some people. Every room in the house has certain functions to perform and the colour in which the walls are painted can improve or dampen the functionality. Hence it is important to choose your paint colours carefully.

  • Purple – Represents richness or abundance. It is better to have an accent wall rather than an entire room painted in this colour shade.
    • Orange – Invokes hunger and hence can be used in lighter shades in the bedroom or kids room.
    • Green –Helps in calming and balancing; great to use in living rooms and bathrooms in general.
    • Yellow – A happy colour, it can be used to invoke creativity.

Light: There is no substitute for natural sunlight, so make sure all your rooms in the house receive this in abundance. Use elements like mirror to balance out dark corners or rooms in the house. You can play around with soft and bright lights as per your mood.

Texture: Fabrics also play an important role in bringing about a positive energy. Throw cushions, rugs, carpets, etc lend a personal touch as well as brings in a cozy feel to the home. Warm colours, soft textured cushions send out positive vibrations.

Smells: A home that smells good, feels good. Bring about natural aromas with fresh flowers, plants and yes, even good cooking to set off an energetic and positive flow of vibrations in the house.

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Keeping your wood furniture clean and healthy-Icon Homz

Taking care of your wooden furniture need not be a cause for stress or worry if you follow the rules. Here are a few simple tips that can help your furniture maintain the lovely sheen and look typically associated with wood:

Keep away the liquids: Any form of liquid, be it water or alcohol should not be allowed to linger too long on the surface. Wipe away spillage immediately which otherwise would seep into the pores and stain the wood.

Dust regularly: Do not let dust accumulate over varnished surfaces as they tend to get grimy. Dust with a lint-free cloth regularly. To get rid of stubborn stains, clean with a mild soap and water and immediately wipe off with a dry cloth.

Protect with wax-polish: An effective way to ensure that the shine remains for a longer time is to apply a thin coat of soft-wax polish after the furniture has been cleaned well. Make sure to wipe off the excess the polish off the surface till you just see the lovely sheen on it.

Keep away from the sun: The harsh outdoor sunlight can damage the wood over a period of time, causing to fade, crack and dry out the fine surface. So make sure that your keep your wooden beauties indoors unless of course they are designed to be outdoor ones.

Some quick tips to revive wood: And, finally, here are some quick-fixes that will save you some heartache and money:

  • A mixture of equal parts olive oil, denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, and strained lemon juice applied first and then brushed off with a soft cloth is known to revive wood of the grime accumulated.
  • For a quick-fix touch up, shoe-polish of the same colour as the wood polish can be used to camouflage the scratches.

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How to do a Christmas makeover for your home-Icon Homz

The last month of the year is half-way through and the air is filled with the Christmas festivities. It always feels good to bring in the festivity inside our homes, whether or not you’re celebrating the festival per se. It adds cheer and brightness that is much needed in these cooler winter times. So, how do get a Christmassy makeover for your home that is cool yet not expensive?

Bring in a Christmas tree: No Christmas celebrations or décor can be complete without the customary Christmas tree. The market is flooded with all kinds of beautiful ones and it only remains for you to go and pick the one that suits your taste and pocket.

Ornamental garlands and lights all over: It’s time to light those strings of lights. Decorate the tree with rows of light and see it create a weave of magic around when lit. Bring in the ornamental garlands in reds and golds and see your cozy corner give out a warm and fuzzy feel.

Colourful throws and cushions: The quickest and least expensive way to bring in a scene change in the house is to change your cushion covers, throws and rugs. Bring in the brightest and colourful ones out of the closet and see your living room come alive with all the colours.

Candles and tea-light holders: Make a unique formation or grouping with scented candles and bright tea-light holders and votives around your coffee table or dining table. An extra bling is forgiven too.

Let it snow: What is Christmas without snow? If there is no snow, create one! You can create fake snowfall by following easy DIY instructions here.

Icon Homz is a young entrepreneurship; our energetic and creative team creates beautiful homes in an affordable range. Visit our website to know about our projects and be a part of our FB page to get our latest updates.

Before you finalize your dream home-Icon Homz


real estate contract with keys and house

So, you’ve identified your dream home and are waiting to give the booking amount to make it yours. Before you make that huge leap, pause and see if you’ve given the below factors due consideration:

Price appreciation: Realty business can be baffling and it is really not easy to predict the trend. Some might say the prices are bound to crash or correct in a few months time and some might say just the opposite. While this can be a tricky factor, once you’ve decided to purchase a house, do a due diligence on price variations in that location in the past year and check if the property will see a good appreciation in the times to come.

Accessibility: In the rush to be the last few lucky ones to own that dream property, it is possible to overlook vital features as this. It might seem that the offices and schools are just a little far away at first. However, do consider the fact that you’re about to make a living on a permanent basis and however great an apartment is, if it lacks quick and easy accessibility to essential areas, it is not worth the money.

Research on the builder: with new and newer builders flouting their projects for a first time in the city, it makes sense to track the builder’s record in terms of construction quality, timely delivery, etc to avoid heartache and a hole in the pocket. While you might find mixed reviews for almost all builders including reputed ones, go with the one that closely matches your expectations.

Visit previous properties: Once you’ve finalized on the builder and seem satisfied with what he is offering, take some time and effort to actually visit any previous completed projects. Older the project, the better since by then the cracks in the quality would have surfaced. Talk to prospective buyers, previous buyers and see what they feel are the pros and the cons. Make an informed decision thereafter.

Budget: Another very important factor that sometimes gets stretched to unimaginable proportions. Have a fairly flexible budget but never let it exceed the upper limit which should be set after considering your repaying capacity, assets and saving plans.

Read the fine print: Read the important documents carefully with the help of a lawyer preferably. Make sure the legal issues are all clear, the titles and approvals are in place. Also, make sure that the builder has mentioned in writing about the kind of amenities and fittings he’d be providing so that you’ve a proof to go back, if needed.

Buying your first home is an emotional experience for many. So, consider the above factors to ensure that you are not in for any kind of unpleasant surprises.

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