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Why buy a second home for investment-planning your investments better-Icon Homz

Real estate in India has been growing steadily in the last decade and investing in real estate seems like the best bet in these times of a volatile finance market. More people are now considering buying a second home as an investment option as opposed to stocks.

While a loan for the second home, unlike the first, does not attract a tax exemption, the interest on loan for the second home is exempt from taxation and there is no upper limit to the amount of interest that is exempt.

The rent earned from the second home attracts tax deduction, even on notional terms when vacant. However, taxes like municipality tax, wealth tax can be deducted from the notional rent. Likewise, any losses towards repair and maintenance can be deducted from the income earned or deemed earned from the rent.

In case of group buying of a property, each individual is exempt from the interest on loan, if availed.


With the decline in the rate of returns in the conservative medium of stocks and mutual funds, there is a definite uptrend in real estate investment. Appreciation of property prices is showing a positive trend and it seems more prudent to invest in residential or commercial properties.

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Go the DIY way to bring in uniqueness to your home

Ever wondered about the likeness of home interiors these days? With rising income and aspirations, hiring home decorators have become a norm and every second house wears a polished and glamorous look. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the idea, especially when you have the moolah for it, the others who work on a budget need not fret or despair.

With a little help and creativity-something that is easily available around the internet-one can actually design and develop unique and economical furniture and décor pieces for the home. It is the do-it-yourself or DIY technique that is making the rounds.



DIY tools not only empower you at a time when getting reliable and crafty carpenters and painters is a frustrating and time-consuming affair, notwithstanding the higher cost factor too. A simple activity of driving a nail into the wall or fixing that leaking water pipe need not await the ever absconding person-in-charge.



Mastering the DIY technique will help you re-design or re-paint old furniture, paint a wall using wall stencils, create unique wall arts using old photographs, fabric etc, re-upholster your chairs to give them a new look, and much more. There are simple tutorials online to help you with these activities.



Wondering where you could get the tools from? You don’t have to look too far. Companies like Bosch and Black and Decker provide a huge range of power tools that are in actual sense skills that will empower you!

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Mirror Mirror on the wall- a home décor saviour

Decorating your home on a budget, changing the face of just a room, making small spaces come alive, all of this can be done by the use of these rather inexpensive pieces of home décor. More people are experimenting with mirrors in their home for uses that are more than functional or utilitarian.

Enhance the space: Large mirrors reflect light and automatically add a lot of visual space; hence they are absolute must-haves in smallish areas.

Style-statement: Plain-looking mirrors are passé. Mirrors these days come with ornate or chic borders, and in various shapes and sizes to add that touch of glamour to your space. You could even customize a mirror with old photographs to make that style-statement.

Answer to dark corridors: If you have a dark corridor or a room that does not get enough natural light, adding mirrors to the wall is your best solution to brighten up the space.

Foyer-attraction: A mirror can be utilized very well in the foyer area. Even if the house does not have a foyer, you can create a simple and stylish one by adding a mirror-wall as a partition between the door and the living area.

Versatile element: mirrors are such versatile elements that you need not make a separate space for them. A simple mirror attached to the back of a bedroom door makes for a discreet dresser solution in a space crunched area.

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Guidance value-How are the buyers impacted by the recent spike in its value?

The valuation of properties in Bangalore are now valued at anywhere between 10-100% higher than the previous rates, depending on the area, thanks to the recent revision.

Guidance value is the minimum value at which a property can be registered. The last revision was done in September 2011.The valuation committee has based the revision on the number of transactions that have take place in the particular area.  Which means the higher the number of transactions in a given area, the higher will be the guidance value and vice-versa.

In a way, the rates saw a correction, as places that have not seen much buyer demand have seen a decline in the guidance value from the existing rates. Buyers who have recently bought their houses in high demand areas like North Bangalore and south-east Bangalore are the worst hit, since they have to now shell out nearly 100% more for registration of their property.

In anticipation of the revision that officially came into force on August 12th, there was a huge rush to register properties towards the end of July and in the first week of August, as buyers wanted to avoid the extra expenses.

What does the revised value mean for Villas?

*Under the new system, registration of villas and houses in gated communities has been included with the guidance value being fixed for the first time. The guidance value for such properties range from Rs. 500 per sq ft to Rs. 10,000 per sq ft in the eastern part of the city; especially near Mahadevapura, K.R. Puram, south-eastern parts around Sarjapur and Hosur Road, and northern parts, including the area around Yelahanka and Bellary Road.

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Famous Architects and Structures – II

Going back into Indian mythology and the Mahabharata, Maya was a famous Asura architect who built the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas at Indraprastha. Other than the brilliance and beauty of the structure, we also hear a lot of interesting details about this palace in the epic, such as:

– Reflective floors that looked so much like pools of water that people avoid stepping on them.

– On the other hand, there was a pool of water that looked so well decorated and like a floor that Duryodhana stepped into it and got wet. This is a pivotal scene where Draupadi laughs at him and kindles his anger.

Back to contemporary times, let’s look at a famous architect from France. Le Corbusier was one of the big influences for modern architecture, and has designed and built structures all over the world.  He is also well known as one of the creators of the planned Indian city of Chandigarh. Along with the urban planning of the city, many structures in the city such as the High Court, Secretariat, and a University building were built by him.

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Famous Architects and Structures – I

Architecture may not immediately come to mind as one of the art forms, but it definitely should be considered as one. It gives rise to long lasting masterpieces, and the fame of a structure keeps the memory of the architect alive long after their lives. Such architects and structures are an inspiration to us in the modern age, and this is the start of a series to highlight them.

Let us start with a famous architect from history. Though better known as a sculptor, Michelangelo had a lasting effect on the course of architecture as well. He introduced baroque elements to the then existing classical style to achieve his unique creations. Though not the only architect, he was one of the influences on the Sistine Chapel, and the mind behind the Laurentian Library and the Medici Chapel.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous American architect, who believed in organic architecture. He had great respect for nature, and he built his structures in harmony with the surroundings as well as with humanity. He was a far thinking person, who had a lot of ideas about urban planning for the future. He was also an interior designer and gave all his structures many unique elements in their interior décor as well. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of his most famous public structures:

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