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Planning for storage in your new home – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

‘Everything has its place’ should be the mantra to have a clean and un-cluttered look in your home. This requires proper planning and what best time than when you move into a new home then, to build spaces that will store all that you own and much more.

Many people do not place much importance to the kind of wood work that is done but this is a key area and if planned well, one can easily have a low-maintenance and beautiful home. Here are a few tips to plan your storage well:

Take a detailed inventory of what you own: by detail we mean everything-the number of shoes, to clothes, books, knick-knacks, toys, kitchen cutlery, pooja items, etc. Decide what comes with you and what is to be discarded.

A place for everything: mentally mark the areas where you’d like to store each section of items. Visualize the utility point of that area. For example, you may want the shoe-rack unit to be able to hold other items of use like the umbrella, house keys, laptop and school bags, a niche to store old newspapers, and so on for each room.


Account for more than what is currently needed: Always incorporate a small percentage more than what you think is the storage required. As we move upward, our possessions keep increasing too. Especially with young families, just starting out, it is better to plan for the eventual additions in the family.

Do not neglect unused areas like the utility and under-stairway spaces: these are the most neglected ones and go utilized. These areas can store pretty much everything that you want to keep out of your visitor’s sight, so make use of these areas well.


Do not ignore the guest room: usually this area is hardly habited and has a minimum of wood-work planned. Try to have each room self-sufficient-like having a writing table, mirror, shelves and cupboards- for the occupant so that the privacy of other rooms is maintained.

Storage in the bathrooms: the area under the basin is best used to have a storage unit to store toiletries and other bath stuff. It also adds to the beauty value as it hides the unsightly water pipes.


Furniture with in-built storage: can be considered for space crunched houses. These look chic and also serve the purpose of storage.

coffee table

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 ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website or ‘like’ our FB page to know about our projects.



Icon property was in the news recently in the TOI. Read full article here:

ICON Shelters is developing a one-of-its-kind gated community spanning 2.4 million sft just behind Narayana Hrudayalaya near Electronic City, Bangalore. The development includes apartments in ICON Honeypool and villas in ICON Laurels, apart from Grand Icon and Icon Malgudi – the two gated plotted developments.

Laurels built on strong foundations
If ‘seeing is believing’, a visit to ICON Laurels is the only thing needed to truly appreciate the builder’s commitment to quality. Sreenivasulu Pala (working for Bosch India), a prospective customer had this to say. “I visited ICON Honeypool site with my brother-inlaw, to see the construction underway there. And he said that the diameter of the steel bars used for construction is larger than the one used for his own apartment that was built by a reputed builder. Also, during my visits to the site, I see that the number of pillars and their size, including the concrete footings made for a four storey building are much larger than those used for a regular apartment”.

Laurel 1

Rest on Laurels

ICON Laurels is filled with uncommon peace and tranquillity, a result of the sprawling greenery around and therapeutically unpolluted air. Yet, these Villas are a part of a gated community that are to house about 200 families. Needless to say, you will not miss the soft bustle of good city life. Being near Electronic city, the project is conveniently close to most workplaces and a crop of some of Bangalore’s best schools like Ebenezer, DPS East, St. Francis, most of which provide pick & drop facilities for students. Koramangala – the entertainment capital of Bangalore is a mere 25-minute ride away via the Elevated Express Way.

Laurels 2In the midst of Luxury

laurel 3

ICON Laurels has something very unique to offer. Firstly the residents of the villas have an exclusive set of amenities while they also get to utilize another set of facilities provided for the gated community of ICON.
Starting from a Meditation Hall and Parks for senior citizens, to Gymnasium and Jogging Tracks for youngsters and delightful Children’s Parks, ICON Laurels has something for everyone. The game-standard basket-ball, tennis & badminton courts deserve a special mention. The swimming pool and Clubhouse raise ICON Laurels to a premium standard of living.
Like every architect, T. V. Prasad of V. K. Thyagarajan & Associates, feels the villas of ICON Laurels are masterpieces of architecture blending aesthetics and utility. He says, “The free flowing spaces of ICON LAURELS have been moulded to suit modern day lifestyle besides adhering to principles of Vaasthu. Materials like glass and stainless steel have been combined to add a rich contemporary ‘look & feel’ to the design.”
The Iconic Customer-Centered Approach
“I have checked out various projects in the city. When I walked into ICON, I was able to discuss my plans with one of the directors and have things sorted across the table. Things fell in place and I’ve invested in a Laurel villa,” says Siddhartha.
Many other customers we met have such similar pleasant experiences to recount. This refreshing approach is due to Icon’s leadership comprising of Mr. Rajasekhar Gowrineni (MD & CEO), Dr. P. Manmohan Reddy (Director) and Mr. Chaitanya Kumar Reddy (Director) who have infused the culture of customer-focused interaction with Clients as a second nature across the hierarchy of the organisation. ICON’s residential projects Grand Icon & Icon Valley have appreciated significantly over the two years’ time, benefitting the buyers like no other. They have successfully completed and ensured delivery of all their projects on-time so far.

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Value for Money
ICON Infra Shelters is a company known for value-housing.
All villas at ICON Laurels have multi-charged vitrified tile flooring for common areas, wooden flooring for family room & master bedroom and granite for staircases. It is quite unbelievable that such world-class luxury villas housed in 30×40 sized plots and loaded with such high-end specifications are available for sale at prices equivalent to apartments.
The 85-villa project features 4 types of Duplex villas to choose from. The price range starts from 68 lakhs. With all statutory sanctions in place, including approvals for loan assistance from many major housing finance institutions and banks, the construction of the project is now up to plinth level and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.
Considering all, buying a villa at ICON Laurel is certainly the most sensible property decision one can make at this point in time.

ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website or ‘like’ our FB page to know about our projects.

Home care tips for the monsoon – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. ltd

While nature unleashes her fury in some parts of our country, one cannot help wonder at how unprepared we are for unforeseen circumstances. While, a calamity of such high intensity is difficult to counter, we can take simple steps to ensure that our home and surroundings remain safe and fresh during the wet, rainy days.

Furniture tips: If you have wooden furniture, the best way to keep them away from dampness is to clean them with a soft, dry cloth. If they require a fresh coat of polish, it is better to do so before the rains begin, to ensure that they dry out properly. Similarly for wrought iron furniture, it is advisable to paint a coat of anti-rust first and then paint them before the season.

Floor tips: Keep the floor, especially ones with wooden flooring, always dry and clean. Place mats near the foyer area, so that wet and muddy feet can be dried on them first without soiling the rest of the house. If you have carpets and rugs in the house, it is better to roll them away for the season. Else, they need to be vacuumed, air dried/sun-dried on a daily basis, so that the dampness does not seep in.

Cupboards and clothes: Place camphor or napthelene balls in your wooden cupboards to ensure freedom from moisture. A few neem leaves will also help to keep fungus at bay. Always make sure that the clothes are fully dry before placing them inside the cupboard.

Plumbing and electrical tips: Check for any seepage or leakage in the house and get it rectified at the earliest. Electrical sockets must be checked for any loose wiring and any possible changes must be done with the help of an efficient electrician.

Garden tips: The balcony area tends to get more damp and dirty during the rains. Ensure that the pots are wiped off excess water on the sides and below the pots. Garden furniture, if made of wood, should be moved inside. Indoor plants may be moved outdoors so that they get naturally watered.

Hope these tips help you and you are free from monsoon-related worries. So, sit back enjoy the rains with a hot cuppa and a book.

ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website or ‘like’ our FB page to know about our projects.

Doing up your home – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Taking possession of the house from the builder is a happy milestone for someone who dreams of having a home of his own. But, most often, building a home out of the house begins from this stage onwards when the owner tries to put colour and feelings into the four walls of brick and motor.

Decorating the house varies from getting the basic woodwork and storage provisions done to a more swanky setting by roping in a designer or home decorator to add sparkle and flamboyance to the place. Many new-owners debate on whether or not to hire a professional while doing up their homes. Ideally, it can work out best for someone who has a fair idea of how the habitat should look or feel like but is falling short of time and resources.

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The storage, seating, and the colour scheme form the basic core of home decoration. A place for everything-should be the mantra while designing the décor since an uncluttered house is automatically a beautiful house. One needs to spend a good deal of time in planning the storage around the house. It is a good idea to always account for a little more than what is currently required.

The options for furniture and furnishings are innumerable and a careful evaluation of materials available with respect to the nature of use in the house needs to be done. For example, it is better to go for plywood or laminate finish for the kitchen cabinets since they are more durable and water-resistant than the cheaper variety such as MDF.

Bamboo cabinets: pic courtesy:

Bamboo cabinets: pic courtesy:

The selection of furniture for seating should take into consideration the age of the people residing in the home and also the social setting of the people. If there are older people in the house, it is best to avoid low-level seating and people with very young children should avoid anything that involves a lot of maintenance. A smaller space should have elegant stuff rather than bold and large furniture as they tend to make the space cramped and give an illusion of lesser space.

While the rule of the thumb while painting the walls is to opt for lighter tones for smaller spaces, one can be a little creative and experiment with colours even in smaller apartments. A home should reflect the person/s living in that home. So essentially, decorating is a very personal matter. With a little creativity and loads of warmth, any space can be turned into a beautiful haven.

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ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website or ‘like’ our FB page to know about our projects.