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Bangalore-from the eyes of an immigrant and a native

One city, diverse views is how one can define Bangalore or Namma Bengaluru as it is fondly called. The garden city that was once known as a pensioner’s paradise is now a teeming IT hub bursting at its seams with the burgeoning population.  We thus have two contrasting views about this city.

Views of an immigrant

There are two main factors that draws someone from a different city to Bengaluru are the salubrious climate and the employment opportunities. However much a native resident might complain about the changing nature of the climate in the city, for an outsider or a recent immigrant, the weather here is still far more pleasant than in most metro cities.

When Bengaluru opened up to the IT sector a few years ago, no one imagined the kind of heights that the city would reach in terms of being the prime location for most IT companies. Growing work opportunities, along with favourable climatic conditions, have lead to growing immigrant population each year, which have also given the city a cosmopolitan makeover-making it a preferred living city.

Views of a native dweller

The native resident has seen the city metamorphose in many ways into its current form. And, most of change is not taken to very kindly. While the growing population has meant growth in infrastructure, it has resulted in unprecedented construction activity, depleting green cover, growing pollution and uncontrollable vehicular traffic movements.

The very features that are attracting people to Bengaluru are fast losing its charm, with the average temperatures going up by notches each year.  The immigrant culture is also viewed by some as a threat to what used to be the core culture and being of the city.

Concluding note

No one has or can escape the ways of globalization. However it is our collective duty, as individuals or as corporate or as facilitators, to see that the growth is accompanied by more responsibility and awareness towards the environment and people. Growth has to be all-inclusive, since we cannot survive as an individual entity.

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Terrace gardening or kitchen gardening for the urban – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Restricted spaces in apartments- a reality of urban environment-should not be a deterrent to growing plants. It is really a myth that one needs a large space to grow organic veggies and herbs as experts tell you that, all you need is a space as tiny as your window sill, or a space in the utility or a small balcony that receives some direct sunlight during the day, for you to go green.

Even the containers in which the plants grow need to be big or expensive ones. One can successfully grow them in discarded cans, buckets, tubs or even glass bottles. All you need is some time everyday to take care of the plants.

The variety of greens that can be grown in a small space is also not restricted to small shrubs or flowering ones. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, basil and veggies like tomatoes, brinjals, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cauliflower, spinach, etc can be easily grown in small pots.

Creating your own compost for the garden is another step towards creating healthy food and living. Again, this does not require a huge investment of time and money. If you are busy and do not like the idea of dipping your hands into a pile of waste, then is your solution. They work for a fee and ensure that your garden looks and feels great!

If you have the green thumb and the time to tend to your plants, creating a compost post in a small part of your garden will not seem such a task. All you need is to dump the kitchen waste into the post, mixing it with sand and soil proportionately and it will automatically turn into a rich fertilizer. Resist the temptation to bring in pesticides and chemicals into your garden.

Neem solutions are an effective pesticide that can be prepared at home itself. Even with a lot of care, plants do die due to pests and climatic variations. But that should not be a dampener in the spirits.

ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website to know about our projects.

What matters in an apartment complex? – Icon Infra Shelters PVT.Ltd

Gated complexes come with scores of amenities, depending upon the builder, location and target audience. The amenities could vary from a basic children’s park to swanky roof top swimming pools with Jacuzzi spa, etc. We spoke to a few residents who stay in gated communities to find out which ones they care about and what exactly they require from their builders.

“A good amount of open and green space with trees and shrubs and a clean park area for children to play is extremely important for parents with toddlers”, says Rekha Sharma, an IT professional and a mother to an energetic toddler.

Children playing

For working couples or older members, a Jaccuzi spa may not make so much sense as would a well-equipped functioning grocery store within the complex. Similarly, many parents felt that a day care facility within the complex would be a welcome feature that builders could provide.

“Although I work from home, there are times when I need to visit the client site and I need to leave my little kid at a trusted place. I would have really liked to have a day-care facility within the complex as it would be a trusted source and I can personally check the quality levels”, says Ananya Mishra.

Deepak Raheja, an architect himself feels that the layout and master plan of the complex also plays an important role, along with the amenities. For example he feels that the parking lots need to be on the basement and away from the play area in such a way that there are no vehicular movements in the area that is thronged by senior residents who take a stroll or little children who can run about in a carefree manner.

While a handful felt that unique and up class amenities added to the value of the project, it was evident that functional and practical features clearly took precedence over swanky and over-the-top ones.

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Conserve water and save the future – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Summer is here and we’ll soon be faced with the severity of water shortage in many parts of the city. With increasing urbanization and changing climatic conditions, conserving water has become the critical need of the hour.

Since every drop counts, we must make use of the rain water by investing in rain harvesting techniques. Every building must be equipped to arrest the natural water and convert it for usable purposes.

A city once aplenty with natural lakes has sadly not conserved the natural body with many of them drying up or turning into garbage grounds. Serious policies are necessary to revive and maintain the city lakes.

Every individual can contribute in many ways. Caution needs to be exercised with every day usage of water and care needs to be taken to see that there is no wastage or over-usage of water. The water rejected from the water purifier can be stored to use for purposes other than drinking like watering of plants or washing clothes.

Installation of individual water meter in an apartment complex is seen as an expensive affair but it should be seen as a long term and important investment that will help in curbing unwanted consumption of water by levying charges as per the usage.

Builders too have a collective responsibility towards the society. Green building is expected to be the buzzword in the coming years. Best building practices like incorporating water efficiency and conservation in the construction and using water-efficient plumbing fixtures need to be adopted.

*Experts in the field point out that green building will be the next buzzword which will drive sales in the near future.  “Builders have been adopting methods to conserve water and energy for the past few years. Now the concept gathers momentum and we feel this as a step towards the green building concept,” said M V Antony, president, CREDAI-Kochi.


ICON Infra Shelters India Pvt. Ltd is a young and enterprising entrepreneurship with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.  Do visit our website to know about our projects.