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What is happening with the waste segregation drive? Do we call it a success or failure? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

The uproar over overflowing landfills and the subsequent mandate from the BBMP officials to segregate waste at source that left all the citizens of Bangalore in a tizzy, seems to have died down. The results have been mixed, with many apartment complexes implementing the rules. In many areas, the individuals have been taking it upon themselves to segregate waste at home and also spread awareness around their circle.

Still, we are far away from achieving a collective success as we see many empty land spaces being converted into garbage dump yards and many households ignoring the guidelines in part or even full.  It is indeed sad to see that educated citizens do not want to actively participate in keeping their environment clean and free from pollution.

Why has the segregation drive failed as a collective measure? In my experience of staying in an apartment complex, it is the lack of awareness and facilities provided that has garnered confusion and subsequent indifference among people. While the BBMP officials did dole out a few guidelines and rules, the actual implementation and logistics were left to be figured out by the citizens themselves.  There were huge gaps in imparting knowledge to the garbage pickers who retain the right to refuse waste that is either not or incorrectly segregated.

Irregular collection of wet waste, along with inadequate and inconvenient measures to dispose dry and e-waste within the complex made the entire process frustrating to even people who were eager to implement the process in the first place.

All in all, the drive is losing steam and needs a fresh impetus. Adequate equipment, bins and garbage vehicles need to be mobilized in and around the city and representatives need to supervise the proceedings. In addition to this, every household must drive the cause from their homes and extend the support to at least within the complexes. The drive cannot be made a success with just a handful of zealous workers. Every individual, whether it is the BBMP official or a resident of the city, must participate equally.

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A home makeover while on a budget – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Sprucing up your interiors without burning a hole in the pocket requires some creative thinking and making use of the available space and material. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate to visibly brighten up a corner or change the look of the living space, that too within a budget.

Bringing in potted plants: green plants not only liven up the existing space by adding their own charm, they are also an eco-friendly option to integrate nature into your lifestyle. A few potted plants around specific nooks and corners in the house will definitely add notches to how the place looks and feels. And, what’s more you do not have to necessarily have a green thumb. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants and shrubs available. You can even hire the services of a professional to take care of your plants, if you feel the need.

Create your own cozy corner: Identify a corner or small space that is unutilized in the house. You can spice up this space by bringing in a small bench, reclining chair or settee, depending upon the space available and add a few colourful throw cushions to make a cozy corner that can be used up for reading purpose or even to just sit in quiet contemplation.  A small niche to just hold a few books and a cup of your favourite beverage is all you need.

Bringing in natural light: Most houses have a problem of natural light filtering in through ill-placed windows or windows that are not wide/long enough to bring in natural sunshine. Lowering the length of the windows can help to increase the light quotient. If, that seems a little inconvenient, you could probably just change the slider windows to casement type, and add sheer curtains to let light penetrate through the existing set-up.

Re-arranging existing furniture: Only because you’ve got used to the current set-up of your movable furniture, doesn’t mean there is no scope for change. Try to experiment with different ways your chairs, sofa and tables can be placed, so that monotony and boredom does not creep in and there is added freshness to the area. Changing the photo frames, rotating the pieces of artifacts that are displayed, adding a few throw rugs and alternating between having window blinds and curtains can make a lot of difference to the way the house looks and an instant change will certainly be visible.

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A community for our senior citizens – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Families are getting nuclear and with the work environment going global, the erstwhile concept of younger members being physically present to take care of parents and grandparents is fast becoming impractical. But, with the crime rates going high and the city infrastructure highly unfriendly for the old and disabled, security remains a prime concern for our senior citizens. Apart from security, what our senior members yearn for most is the company of like-minded friends who can understand and share their thoughts.

Old age homes have this negative connotation around them. It somehow feels that it is the last resort for abandoned parents and old people; for people who have no one to care about in their sunset years. However, if we look at this concept objectively, it is actually a welcome option for many working couples in cities. It is not always that one needs to resort to these homes, as they are called, because the near and dear ones fell out of love. With both the spouses working to meet ends, stressful lifestyle, space and time crunch, one finds it difficult to accommodate an ailing parent or relative in the midst.  Also, many times, the caregiver is himself ailing/growing old and is in need of care.  The older generation feels equally misplaced in an arrangement where instead of leading peaceful lives, they are mostly relegated to being caretakers of little grandchildren.

A few years ago, I came across a few senior citizens’ homes that seemed like a perfect answer to modern day woes. These residential communities lining the outskirts of many cities come with a fully-equipped medical unit, 24 hr on-call doctor, well-furnished homes, lush green spaces and excellent security systems in place.

I personally know of many couples who have happily moved to these places out of their own free will and wish and they seem to have a rocking life, bonding with other members of their age, community get-togethers, outdoor picnics, pilgrimage tours and other fun-filled activities.

Probably, it is time to look at these communities that are specifically developed to accommodate senior citizens with a fresh and positive perspective.

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The missing green cover – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Old timers of Bangalore will nod away in agreement to this article.  Bangalore, the erstwhile garden city, is rapidly turning into any other concrete metro city. A pensioner’s paradise turned to a hot IT property some years ago and the result is there for us to see. The city that used to be dotted with thick canopies of green, is trying hard to accommodate the burgeoning population and every patch of open land is being gobbled up to build tall residential towers.

Six months ago the area where we lived used to have a lot of barren land and green patches. Now, we can only see row houses and residential complexes as far as our eyes can take us. Construction sites are cropping up left, right and centre. It makes one wonder if there are any ground rules that are to be followed before a land is taken up for construction purposes.

There are upsides and downsides to any kind of development. While development is necessary for the growth of the economy, rapid development that takes place due to demand without giving any thought to the environment is bound to have more downside to it in the long run. To anyone who has some knowledge of science and geography it is not difficult to understand how much of a danger we are driving ourselves into by mercilessly cutting away so many trees. There is no breathing space in the real sense when we have just one after another massive pieces of concrete structures aligning themselves thickly. Not to mention the ever dusty surroundings and the resultant health hazards.

A more responsible approach is the need of the hour. For every tree felled, a new sapling needs to be planted. There needs to be green areas demarcated that strictly prohibits any kind of construction. Any land taken up for construction needs to adhere to specific guidelines that ensures that the builder, whether a private one or commercial one, does not encroach upon every inch of an open land.

As residents too, we can do our bit by maintaining well nurtured gardens in our private terraces, balconies and also help in creating green patches around the complexes of where we reside.

We, at Icon, ensure that the nature is an integral part of our construction. Our properties have vast expanses of green spaces where one can breathe in fresh air and have a healthier living. Do visit our website to know more about our projects.

Make a classy office within your home – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Working from home might seem like a dream situation where one is sitting snugly with the laptop and cushions for company at home, but it involves a lot of discipline and hard work since you are expected to be more productive and at the same time the home needs to be given its due attention too.

But, if you’ve sorted all those things and only need a motivating environment to set your mood right for the official work, here are a few tips that you can follow to create that perfect office space within your home.

Have a dedicated room or space: An extra room that can be your office would an ideal situation but if you do not have the space like most people, make sure you have a dedicated corner in a room to call it your office.

Have lots of natural light filtering in: A dark and dingy room or space will only prompt you to go to sleep. Having the office area well-lit and getting enough sunlight into the room will perk up the place and stimulate the working mood.

De-clutter: The work desk needs to be free from unnecessary knick-knacks. Neatly arranged stacks of office essentials in folders or wicker baskets, a couple of family photograph adorning the adjacent wall and a vase of fresh flowers  on the table is sure to create a happy mood and also help you be more organized in your work.

Enough storage space: your home office should be able to stock all the office work, books and other sundry stationery and essentials within easy reach. Nowadays you get trendy furniture that also has space for storage. Organize your storage well and you are all sorted to have a peaceful and stress-free working atmosphere.

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