Some quick getaways from Bangalore – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Bangalore has plenty of options when it comes to having a short vacation within 4-5 hours from the city.  Long weekends can be planned out well and spent in the midst of ancient temples, nature trek, wildlife or just lazying around in a homely guesthouse.

Here are a few unusual but interesting getaways that will help you unwind the week’s stress and come back rejuvenated:

Chikmagalur: About 240 kms from Bangalore, this sleepy town is fit for a quiet relaxation. Amidst coffee estates, this place is also a trekker’s paradise. Whether you are a archeological enthusiastor a wild-life photographer, you are sure to fulfill your travel dreams here.

Channapatna: A town known for his hand-made wooden toys, this place falls en route from Bangalore to Mysore. If you are looking for an unusual location and are interested in knowing more about this traditional and colourful art of making toys, this is the place for you.

Yelagiri: This hill-station, located about 156 kms from Bangalore, is still untouched by commercialism and hence retains its freshness and non-polluted air unlike its many other popular counterparts. There may not be a lot activities or sights to visit, but it surely makes up for it with its breathtaking natural view points.

Bisle Ghat: Amongst the lesser known forest reserves around Bangalore, is Bisle Ghat. Located about 265 kms from Bangalore, this is a paradise for animal lovers. Animals like leopard, chital, Gaur, Malabar giant squirrel etc can be spotted in the forest. It is especially beautiful during the monsoons.

Sogalli backwaters: A part of river Kabini, this place offers a huge expanse of beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife. It is near the Nagarahole National Park and used to be once the hunting grounds of Mysore Maharjas.


Living at one of the Icon properties gives you the unique advantage of being closer to the NH7 from where such getaways will be much faster and every long weekend could be a chance to explore a scenic spot nearby.


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