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Turning your home into an eco-friendly home – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

Many of us would consider ourselves educated and evolved people who care about the society, its well-being, so much so that the increasingly detrimental issues to our environment will send us into heated debates and discussions about how to save this planet. However, while it is good and imperative to worry about the society at large, we also need to know and understand that small changes make a bigger impact and these changes need to start from our homes.

Here are a few tips to conserve resources and help convert your home into an eco-friendly home.

Using energy-efficient applications: Ensure that all the applications in your home work to their optimum capacity and are in perfect condition, so that they do not consume extra power. Also, wherever possible use the ones that use lesser power and fuel.

Using CFL bulbs: Compact fluorescent bulbs consume lesser energy and consequently your monthly bills will be lower. They come in a variety of shapes and lighting hues, so you don’t feel the need for incandescent light bulbs.

Check the load of the washing machine: Under-loading is as bad as over-loading. Multiple cycles of smaller quantities will use up a lot more of the energy. So wait until you have the optimum load of laundry and resist using the machine often for fewer numbers of clothes.

Use Bamboo flooring: Nowadays we have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to flooring. Bamboo floors not only look good but are also an eco-friendly option.

Un-plug electric applications from the sockets when not in use: Appliances drain electricity, even when they are on switched off mode. So, always un-plug those off sockets, especially when going out of station.

 Conserve water: Avoid wastage of water in every possible manner by ensuring that the taps are closed while brushing the teeth, collecting and re-using rejected water from the RO units, plugging leaking taps immediately and being judicious in using water for daily activities.

Recycle waste: Whenever and wherever possible, use eco-friendly material and say No to plastic bags. Waste needs to be segregated at source. Use rechargeable batteries. Re-cycled and up-cycled goods are in vogue and look classy too. Bring out the creative juices to make the best out of waste. There are also plenty of organizations and creative people out there who would do it for you.

Icon ensures that the natural resources are conserved. We also believe in preserving the nature and ensure we have a lot of open and green landscapes in our properties. Do visit our website for more details on our projects.


How to evaluate the right floor plan? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

A well-planned floor plan is one of the crucial and important aspects to consider while purchasing a house, after considering the budget, of course. While, one can make cosmetic changes to the flat depending upon the finances, it is vital to choose a house that does not have too many design loopholes to plug.

Floor Plan

Things that need to be considered while evaluating the floor plan are:

Division of space: First of all, you must identify personal needs and then see that the floor plan matches it. For example, if you are a social butterfly and host parties very often, you may want a larger living and dining area as compared to the rest of the house area.

The foyer area: Some people are particular about having a defined foyer area. Think about where you want to place the shoe-rack and other items that you may want in the foyer. If there is no defined foyer, think about how you may want to create a functional one and see if you’d be satisfied with the design. If the foyer area is defined, check to see if the space is suited to meet all your requirements.

The layout of the bedrooms and placement of the toilets: A bedroom placed just next to the main door can be convenient as a guest room but may not look good aesthetically. You would have to consider what works for you. Similarly for the toilets; you might need to evaluate it in two-ways: one to see if it suits the inmates of the house and secondly the arrangement needs to work when there are guests staying over.

The ventilation: flow of natural light to all rooms is essential and it is important to check this point while choosing a house. Check the direction that the house would face and also visit the site at different times of the day to evaluate the amount of daylight/sunlight that would penetrate. Keep in mind the possibilities of eventual obstruction by other buildings/construction.

Kitchen layout and availability of a separate utility:  An open kitchen gives an impression of a larger space but is a compromise on privacy. Similarly a separate area as a utility is very useful to keep the dirty dishes and laundry out of sight.

What factors are most important and what can be modified as per your taste is something one must always bear in mind while looking at prospective homes. We, at Icon, specialize in designing functional and well-laid out houses that may not need any modifications. Do check out our website for more details and like our FB page to get regular updates about our projects.

Tips, dos and don’ts to maintain wooden flooring – Icon Infra Shelters India

When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of options to choose from. Wooden flooring is one of the hot favourites among the buyers and many builders also choose to cash on this. Wooden flooring keeps the floor from getting cold in winters and also gives a royal look and feel to the house, apart from being eco-friendly and a healthier option. It takes a little more than routine maintenance of sweeping and swabbing.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your wooden floor is always shinning and free from dust and scratches:

Keep the floor dry at all times: Spills are the worst enemies of wooden flooring. Any kind of spill, be that of water or any other liquid, needs to be wiped off immediately to avoid seeping of the liquid into the surface. The liquid needs to be moped off with a dry cloth.

Sweep and vacuum often: Sweep wooden floor with a soft-bristled broom and vacuum often to remove the dust. While vacuuming, care must be taken to use the soft brush attachment to avoid scratching of the surface.

Use rugs, carpets and/or runners: Avoid gathering of dust by using rugs, carpet or runners at areas of heavy traffic to catch all the dust and grime. Avoid walking on the floor with shoes on.

Do not drag furniture on the surface: Keep sharp legged furniture off the wooden floor and never drag any kind of furniture on the floor to avoid scratches on the surface. Light scratches can be treated at home by damping a mopping cloth, dipping it in baking soda and cleaning the affected area with it.

Use specific cleaning products: Most manufactures recommend their own cleaning products and it is always advisable to stick to those products.  A mix of lemon juice and olive oil is effective in giving the floor a polished look. However care must be taken while doing this since the floor can become slippery thereafter.

We, at Icon, use the best quality materials in all our properties and ensure that our customers do not have to compromise on the quality standard. Do visit our website for more details on our projects.

Why choose a Duplex Home? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd

For a first time buyer, there are many options to choose from and it can get tough to decide which one to go for. A duplex home like Icon Laurels has many advantages for young house owners, and we wanted to go into some of them to help in making an informed decision:

More family space: The biggest advantage of having separate levels in your home is that you have a lot of family space not including the large bedrooms. Most duplex houses come with one or two family rooms, and the independence to design the spaces, as you want them.

First Floor the West Facing Duplex at Icon Laurels

First Floor the West Facing Duplex at Icon Laurels

Privacy when necessary: As a duplex usually has the living area on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the first floor, this allows you to have your own space away from the main living area. This is an ideal arrangement for joint families that gives youngsters as well as elders their private space when required.

Ground Floor 3D view of the East Facing Icon Laurels

Ground Floor 3D view of the East Facing Icon Laurels

Rental income: In some cases, if you feel the need for rental income, you can rent out a part of the space to friends or family. Though complete privacy is not possible in a duplex arrangement, you can come to an amicable arrangement when the tenants are previously known to you.

Convenience of an independent house: When choosing a duplex in a gated community, you get the advantages of security similar to an apartment, while enjoying the advantages of an independent home too. You have your own terrace space that can be used for get-togethers or even for a kitchen garden.

When you choose a duplex in Icon Laurels, you will be enjoying all the other benefits of a gated community such as well landscaped walkways and gardens, children’s and seniors’ areas as well as party halls and a clubhouse. All this while enjoying the benefits of your own beautiful home without sharing a wall with a neighbor, which we think definitely deserves a visit from you to check out. Do check out more details at our webpage: