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Icon Laurels – Your Dream Home

Many of us hope to find a home of our choice not too far from the city, but feel that most projects are situated at the outskirts which makes it tough to travel for our daily work and school schedules. Icon Infra Shelters now brings you a project with modern villas just off Hosur Road and 6 km from Electronic City. This is a fast developing part of Bangalore and has many offices, schools and all amenities within a couple of kilometers. Here are some features of our Icon Laurels project that make it suitable to be your dream home:

Well located yet peaceful: Although the location is very convenient for all your activities, you will find that the villas and the area around your home would be well protected and peaceful. You will get the advantages of an independent house, along with the security of a gated community.

Great quality: We have worked with the top experts from architects to landscapers to present to you a very well finished and beautiful project. You will definitely feel proud at owning a home in Icon Laurels.

Well connected: When you need to reach the city, you can take the elevated expressway and reach Silk Board in 15 minutes. In any case, for most common amenities and needs and even a variety of restaurants, you will not need to go further than Electronic City.

Facilities for all ages: We will have abundant play area for children, as well as a swimming pool, gym, tennis, badminton and basketball courts to meet fitness needs for all ages. A Senior Citizen’s park is also included in most of our projects including this one.

Breathing Space: Along with the large parks and jogging tracks, we also have other avenues for relaxation such as a hall for yoga and meditation, as well as areas for indoor games. When you need space for an event, we have a lot of options from a party hall to an amphitheater area.

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What factors should be kept in mind before buying a house? – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Buying a house is a huge and emotional decision for most middle-income group people. Yet, this decision needs to be made more with the mind rather than the heart. There are crucial factors that need to be weighed before you finalize your dream house.

Location of the property: It is important to buy a house that is closer to the main city and having potential for development so as to cash in on the relatively cheaper rates. It is also prudent to buy a house in a locality that would see an appreciation in terms of re-sale value.

Budget: While it may be tempting to overstep your budget while finalizing your first home, it is imperative that you resist the temptation to do so. Good planning includes taking stock of your finances and knowing exact cash outflow in terms of EMI and other expenses.

Loan eligibility and assistance: A home loan from the bank depends on various factors like repayment capacity, debts, age of the applicant and income. Loan rates also play an equal role in deciding the eligibility. Loan eligibility can be determined by the loan calculator available online. Many builders provide loan assistance to facilitate smooth processing of loans.

Icon Laurels

Rental value of the property: The property you invest in should be able to fetch you rich dividends in terms of rent. Rental value could depend a lot on the locality, good connectivity to essential services and the amenities available if it is a gated community.

Clear title of land: Always seek the help of a lawyer to verify all the documents of the builder. The land and title needs to be verified in addition to ensuring that the builder is abiding by all the laws while building a property.

History of the builder: A good deal of research must be invested in knowing all about the builder, his past projects, the quality of construction, up-keeping of commitment and customer satisfaction.

Amenities provided: Compare your expectations to what is being provided. Water supply, storage and drainage needs to be well-taken care of by the builder. Additional care must be taken to see the kind of material that is used in the construction.

We, at Icon Infra Shelters India PVT.Ltd, are young and enterprising entrepreneurs with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.

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Benefits of living in a gated community – Icon Infra Shelters India PVT. Ltd

Many people prefer gated communities to building a lone house on a plot. This is because of the many benefits of living in a gated community.

Less traffic: There is restricted traffic within a gated complex and one can have a calm and peaceful existence without the humdrum of constant traffic and blasting horns at one’s doorstep.

Security: All gated communities have security guards posted at the entrance with a track record of persons entering the premises. The swankier the complex, the better the security features with CCTV, Video phone and the likes installed for more safety from intruders and miscreants. This makes living in such places safer for children and senior citizens too.       

Icon Honey Pool near Electronic city

Icon Honey Pool near Electronic city

Children’s play area: With the green and open spaces disappearing with growing civilization, it is always a concern for parents whose children have no safe and clean playgrounds near-by to play. Most gated communities take care of this problem by having a dedicated area for toddlers and children to unleash their energies. Some societies even have a child-friendly designated play areas that are free from the residential vehicular movement.

Other amenities: Depending upon the builder, people staying in gated communities are privy to other facilities like a clean swimming pool at disposal, a club house to organize and attend parties, a gym, in-house provision stores, library and sometimes even a school.

Well-knit social network: With more and more immigrant population in the cities, it is not unusual for families to be away from one’s family and home-town. These gated communities become house to people from various backgrounds, age and culture facilitating a cosmopolitan atmosphere and enabling a home away from home to be created.

We, at ICON Developers & Promoters, are young and enterprising entrepreneurs with proven experience and expertise in real estate and properties. Our vision is to provide best quality properties for a happy living.

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